Placement test

Personally on site

For a reliable assessment of your knowledge, a free on-site placement test is required. According to their results, the participants are assigned to a class. This ensures that the course groups are homogeneous in terms of language. For a placement test, please register via the contact form or by phone at 040 244341-74. After successful placement, you can register for an appropriate course.

Online placement test

How good is your German? Take a little time and take our online test. You will receive the result immediately. This way you will know immediately which course level is suitable for you.

Please note that an online test cannot competently assess all facets of language comprehension. We therefore recommend that you take a personal placement test in our office before starting the course. And now have fun testing!

Test your German: A1 – B1

The following tests refer to the teaching material “Netzwerk” from Klett-Verlag, which we use in our level groups from A1 to B1.

Please click on the appropriate placement test.

You are a beginner (i.e. you have very little previous knowledge of the language)?

Please use the link to access the placement test for A1

You have already learned a little German, you have already reached the A1 level in your home country or in a language school, or you already have an A1 certificate?

Then go to the placement test for A2 via this link

You are sure that you have already reached the A2 level?

So, why don’t you try this test and go through the link to the placement test for B1

Test your German: B2 and C1

These two tests are based on the teaching material “Aspekte neu; from Klett-Verlag at advanced levels.

Please click on the appropriate placement test.

You have already gone through all the courses and reached B1, or you have learned so much German that you can already “get through” everywhere – with occasional mistakes?

Go directly to the B2 test here

Have you already successfully completed a B2 course or even obtained a B2 certificate, or do you already feel very confident in speaking, reading, writing and listening, but still need “fine-tuning” to reach the C1 level?

Try this test