Internal Exams & Certificates

internal exams & certificates at Germania Akademie Hamburg

As part of our intensive morning courses, we offer internal final exams at levels A1-C1. The Germania Akademie Hamburg conducts all German exams at levels A1 to C1 according to the generally binding competency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The final exams take place in the intensive courses.

The final exams contain the following modules: listening, reading, language structures, writing and speaking. After successfully passing the exams, you will receive your Germania certificate with a minimum score of 180, which documents a description of the course type, the lesson content and the level of knowledge achieved. This certificate is recognized by many institutions and companies as proof of your knowledge of German or for the application for a license to practice medicine.

Scoring & Time Limits

The final exams at the Germania Academy Hamburg consist of two parts: Reading, Writing & Listening (225 points), Speaking (75 points). The “Writing” exam consists of reading comprehension, language building blocks, Writing & Listening. The “Speaking” exam includes the oral part of the exam. The entire exam lasts 170 minutes (+ 15 minutes for formalities and +20 minutes for preparation time).

The results are available in about two weeks. You will be informed about your results immediately. Please collect the certificates from school.

Costs incl. consultation A1: € 100,-; B1: € 140; B2: € 140,-; C1: € 155,-