Intensive Individual Course A1 to C2

Your needs come first!

This type of course is particularly suitable for those who want to learn German in a short time or refresh their existing knowledge.

Learning with your personal language trainer – for executives and individualists

Want to learn to talk as easily as possible about the topics that interest you? Then private lessons are just the thing for you. We look forward to supporting you in this endeavor.

Easy learning or rapid progress – with individual language training you set the priorities. Thematically and temporally. From 2-8 lessons per day to an intensive course of 20 lessons per week – the choice is yours.

Private lessons have the great advantage that you can help shape the lessons and set the pace. Your instructor will target your needs and specific goals. You can attend a German private course at Germania Akademie Hamburg as an individual. However, you will benefit just as much from a visit by a mini-group of two to three people.

Course description

According to the previous knowledge and the desired learning goal, a personal learning profile is first created. Based on this profile, the learning content, such as colloquial, business or technical language, the number of required teaching units and the course duration are determined and coordinated.

As our lecturers have special additional qualifications, we are able to cover all relevant areas: Business, Finance, Banking, Humanities, Science and Technology, Communication, Law, Medicine and Research. Course content includes, for example, creating a presentation, mastering correspondence, giving a free lecture, discussion techniques, conducting negotiations, and many other German language skills – skills that are especially relevant for managers.

22.12.2023 – 05.01.2024; 19.08.2024 – 30.08.2024; 28.10.2024 – 01.11.2024; 23.12.2024 – 03.01.2025;

Tip: According to the Common European Framework of Reference you need for level
A1: (A1.1+A1.2) 80 lessons each 45 minutes/4 weeks
A2: (A2.1+A2.2) 160 lessons each 45 minutes/8 weeks
B1: (B1.1+B1.2) 160 lessons each 45 minutes/8 weeks
B2: (B2.1+B2.2) 160 lessons each 45 minutes/8 weeks
C1: (C1.1+C1.2) 160 lessons each 45 minutes /8 weeks

Dates: 2 lessons per appointment
(=90 min.), 4, 6 or 8 daily

Duration: 1 – 12 weeks

Minimum booking:
10 lessons á 45 minutes

Prices in Euro:

10 units: 440 €
20 units: 840 €
30 units: 1260 €
40 units: 1600 €

Discount for single course:

2 participants: -40% from the course fee
3 participants: -50% from the course fee

It is also possible to book individual lessons in addition to the intensive course. We offer this to you at a special price!

The individual lessons can take a place in the premises of the language school or in your company.