About us

Our goal is to continuously lead our course participants to success. Our actions are determined by a simple formula:

Modern didactics + motivation = result

Modern didactics

The main reason why learning at the Germania Akademie Hamburg seems so exciting and effective at the same time is that not only one learning technique is applied, but instead we have developed a colorful mix of methods that meets the different learning needs of the course participants.


Our motive is motivation.

“Language learning stands and falls with motivation.”

The desire to learn depends on success. Our teachers, native speakers with perfect knowledge of German, are characterized by their professionalism, i.e. they have a university degree in German studies, German as a foreign language, have several years of teaching experience as well as pedagogical and didactical training.
Thanks to their professional experience as well as their own strong motivation, they are able to arouse enthusiasm in the classroom and create an identification with the content.

The individual support and motivation of the course participants is one of the most important prerequisites for the success of our work.


Just like in everyday life, targeted learning should be as varied as possible. The Germania Academy Hamburg implements this principle very consistently in the individual courses and thus has a very successful learning concept. With us, learning is not only effective, but also very varied and therefore fun.